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Organizing is essential to create a healthy living environment. A clutter-free apartment is a clutter-free mind. Make the most of your space by efficiently storing everything you own.

Whether you’re about to move in or have been established for months, there’s always room for improvement. Look under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. Are you storing everything you need to clean your kitchen and bathroom under the applicable sink?

If not, why? Keep every tool for the job in the appropriate toolbox. You don’t want to search for what you need when it’s time to perform a chore.

When your kitchen and bathroom are organized, take a look at your bedroom. Are your clothes and shoes scattered on the floor? Are there documents littered about the place?

Clean out your closet so you can utilize it correctly. Store your shoes on the bottom and hang up your clothes. You may be pleasantly surprised to find enough space to fit a filing cabinet (or safe) for those documents flying freely about your room.

If the thought of cleaning your room makes you anxious, get your cables under control. Cable management doesn’t just look nice, but it will keep you safe. Proper cable management will prevent tripping and fire hazards while also prolonging the life of your cords.

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