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Cable Management Tips and Tricks

Managing your cords has never been more critical. Having cables all over not only looks terrible, but it can also be a safety issue as you can trip on the cords or even destroy your computer by accidentally pulling it off the desk with a mess of cords.
Take control of your cables with these helpful tips and tricks.

Get Rid of Old Cables

Cables are one of the things that tend to stick around with us much longer than we actually use them for.
A quick search through your desk drawers and you can probably find at least one or two cords that you haven’t used in a long time, and you might not even know what, therefore.
Get rid of this unnecessary clutter. You should get a drawer divider or separate containers, for cords that you use still but not every day.

Safety First

Use caution when dealing with anything electrical; this includes your cords. You should never under any circumstances staple or nail cords to your wall or baseboard.
By doing this, you run the risk of a fire or shock. When organizing your cables, take the time to make sure that none of them are frayed or broken and that there is no paper or flammable material around the outlet.
Use electrical tape to fix any cords that have frayed or the rubber around them has cracked.

Label the Cords

Label all of your cords to make rearranging your home office a breeze. The labeling options are endless; you can color coordinate the cord to the device or use a label maker to print out a neat little tag for each cord.
There are products on the market to help you with this or take care of it with your own solution.

Use Cord Organizing Accessories

You can use anything from hooks to zip ties to keep your cords under control. Use hooks in the wall or under your desk to create a path for each cord.
Velcro straps are another popular option for organizing your cables. Wrapping your cords together will make it much easier to clean around your electrical devices and outlets, and it will look much neater.

Think Outside of the Office

While you might find the cords in your office to be the most tangled, you likely have many other cords around the house that could use a little bit of organization. Your entertainment center is one area that is likely to have a lot of cords that could use some organization.
Use the tips above everywhere in the home that you have cords. One of the best things you can do to keep your cords organized is to get rid of them in the first place. More and more cordless technology is coming out every day; see any cordless solutions available for products you regularly use.

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