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How to Clean Your Entire Apartment in 30 Minutes

Some people set aside a whole day of the week to clean their apartment and do other chores. Fortunately, keeping your apartment clean doesn’t take an entire day when you use these helpful tips to clean your apartment in 30 minutes or less. We’ve all been there, a guest is coming over, and you suddenly realize your apartment is a mess. If you have 30 minutes, then you can clean your whole apartment in time for your guest.


The bathroom should be the first thing you clean. Your bathroom is the one room in your apartment your guest will almost surely use. Bathrooms also tend to be one of the dirtiest places in an apartment. For a quick and easy bathroom clean, remove all clutter from the bathtub, sink, and toilet tank; spray down all these surfaces with an antibacterial cleaner and tend to other things while the cleaner does its job. Straighten up the towels, stock the toilet paper, fill your soap, and put away all your loose ends. Lastly, wipe everything down and sweep the floor quickly—your bathroom is clean, and it only took a few minutes!


Making your bed should be the very first thing you do in the morning, but if it is not done yet, then now is the time. Making your bed will make your whole bedroom look better right away, and you will feel better throughout the day if you make it in the morning. Pick up clothes and towels from the floor and clean up your nightstand and dresser. The bedroom usually stays a bit cleaner than the rest of your apartment, so this should only take a few minutes to clean.

Living Room

The living room is probably where you will spend the majority of your time with your guest. Remove all clutter and trash from tables and the television stand, vacuum the floors, mop after you vacuum if you have hard floors in your living room. Wipe down your bookshelves and entertainment center to get rid of the dust. Once you have cleaned up the living room, light some candles or incense to set the mood and make your apartment smell nice.


The entryway to your apartment is a hotspot for clutter. It is too easy to get home, kick off your shoes, throw your jacket on a chair, and leave your keys on the table. Cleaning up this will make your apartment much more inviting, and you will find it easier to make sure you have everything you need before you leave in the morning if your entryway is organized and clean.


Don’t forget to clean your patio or balcony if your apartment has one. Your patio or balcony is a great place to visit with gusts if the weather is nice. Sweep off your balcony or patio, remove any trash or clutter, and arrange your seating. Doing this will create an inviting outdoor space for you and your guests.

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